Our goal is to make the Entertainland experience the most enjoyable one for you, and, therefore, we always prioritize your health and safety.

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to remain a problem globally, we have taken necessary precautions to ensure you are not at risk of catching COVID at our premises.


Below are some of the SOPs we follow to keep the place as clean and hygienic as possible:

  1. All staff and visitors go through temperature and symptom checks at the entrance to ensure none of them have symptoms.
  2. Rides are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants and surfaces are wiped after each usage to prevent germs from spreading.
  3. We have a mask mandate and require both customers and staff to wear masks at all times except while they are eating.
  4. We conduct comprehensive sanitization of the entire mall after closing hours to ensure any remaining pathogens and pollutants are removed.

You can rest assured that you will be our priority at all times.

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